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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

PBACDL Elects Attorney Greg Rosenfeld as President-Elect for Group

Skilled, Stategic, & Dedicated

It is with much excitement that our team at the Law Offices of Greg Rosenfeld, P.A. can announce that Attorney Greg Rosenfeld has been elected to be the President-Elect of the Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PBACDL). This honor comes after Mr. Rosenfeld has served the PBACDL as the Secretary, where he was able to show his dedication to the organization and his legal prowess. As the President-Elect, he was chosen by other members in the group and will assume the President’s position as soon as it is officially open.

The Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is a not-for-profit organization comprised of the top public defenders, private counsels, investigators, and other legal professionals in Palm Beach, Florida. As part of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the PBACDL participates in the promotion of individual rights through empowering and educating criminal defense attorneys across the state. Members of the PBACDL are also granted membership to the statewide association.

As the President-Elect, Attorney Rosenfeld will be more committed than ever to upholding the ideals of the PBACDL. With his lead and the counsel of his peers, the quality of practice throughout Palm Beach County is sure to rise even further, enabling criminal defense lawyers to better protect the constitutional rights of their clients. Be sure to stay up to speed on the organization’s news if you want to see the continuing legal education (CLE) classes, seminars, and networking sessions coming up.

For more information about the PBACDL, you can visit their website: For more information about or the help of West Palm Beach Criminal Defense attorney Greg Rosenfeld, feel free to contact our firm today.

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