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Attorney Rosenfeld Chosen to Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. Leadership Academy!

Skilled, Stategic, & Dedicated
A Wm. Reece Smith Jr. Leadership Academy attorney supporting your case

It’s an honor to announce that Attorney Greg Rosenfeld has been selected to a one-year term as an Academy Fellow at the Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. Leadership Academy! This immense honor is an outstanding opportunity for Attorney Rosenfeld to increase his skills and become a better and more recognized leader in his profession. Upon completion of this program, he’ll have not only increased his standing in the legal community, but have built a reputation as one of the foremost leaders in the criminal defense practice area and be better equipped to become a leader in The Florida Bar!

About the Academy

The Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. Leadership Academy is a prestigious training program hosted by The Florida Bar. The purpose of the program is to select a limited number of diverse and inclusive applicants every year and enhance their skills and practice ability by training them to become effective and renowned leaders. As leaders in their communities, they can better the legal profession, enhance the professionalism of their colleagues, and gain experience in the inner workings of the Bar.

Fellows are selected to a one-year term, during which time they follow a curriculum that promotes their professional development, knowledge base, and allows them to network and connect with other attorneys. Fellows attend The Florida Bar events and special education programs throughout the year, each of which is designed to train them to become better leaders, increase diversity within The Florida Bar, and gain knowledge about The Florida Bar itself. Fellows also have the opportunity to network with, interact, collaborate with, and even build professional relationships with existing leaders with the state and even on a national level.

Upon completion of this program, Fellows will graduate and gain the ability to become involved with The Florida Bar events, such as voluntary bar service, community leadership activity, or section of division service. Many graduated Fellows also become mentors to the incoming class, passing on the leadership skills they gained to the next generation of distinguished advocates.

What This Means for You

The Florida Bar seeks to recognize those who are true leaders in the legal industry, and selection to this program is a high honor for those seeking to advance and promote themselves. Those who complete this program often do so having gained the knowledge and experience of working directly with some of the most well-respected and successful attorneys in the state and even the country.

This is an invaluable resource to have for a client who needs a strong and capable legal advocate to help them with their case. If you’ve been accused of a crime, you need a Palm Beach County criminal defense attorney on your side who not only recognizes how serious your issue may be, but will treat it with the same level of respect and attention to detail you deserve. Not only do graduated Fellows treat their clients with this level of care and devotion, but they also have the ability to draw from a prestigious resource for legal knowledge and experience: The Florida Bar itself. Those who are seen as leaders in The Florida Bar are some of the most distinguished and outstanding attorneys in their field, and they have the ability to consult with other members in order to provide you with powerful and effective advocacy.

Attorney Rosenfeld is proud to be a part of this program for the 2018-19 term!

If you need a strong advocate to defend your rights when you have been accused of a crime, contact the Law Offices of Greg Rosenfeld, P.A.! Dial (561) 902-1122 to request a case evaluation today.

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