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Attorneys Greg Rosenfeld and Andrew Greenlee Take Case to Florida Supreme Court

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Earlier this month, Attorneys Greg Rosenfeld and Andrew Greenlee filed a notice to invoke discretionary jurisdiction with the Florida Supreme Court, requesting the state’s highest court to hear an appeal of his client’s conviction for solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

Discretionary jurisdiction occurs when a court has the authority to determine whether to hear a specific case brought before it. Most often, the highest court in the state or county has such power.

In the appeal, Attorneys Rosenfeld and Greenlee argued that law enforcement improperly entrapped his client. Not only does the appeal argue that the trial judge improperly allowed evidence that isn’t related to the case, but it also says police involved the popular TV show “Cops” to record the case.

The 4th District Court of Appeal denied the appeal.

Filing the notice with the Florida Supreme Court is the first step to obtaining a positive outcome on behalf of his client.

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